The Artoo project allows the new generations to become the protagonists in a process of approaching the artistic heritage through their invaluable point of view.
We conceived a virtuous circle to bring schools and families closer to the artistic heritage; this way, children can get to know and experience the heritage actively.

The first approach to paintings and works of art of the local area happens at school: through our workshops, the artworks become a tool for the education and development of the children, growing effectively into a part of their learning and imagination. For Museums, we plan customised teaching modules, which become a part of the materials available on the Artoo4Education platform.

Then, Artoo accompanies the children in their visit to the Museum where the works of art can be found. It is a special, interactive visit, conceived to make the experience unforgettable for the children and create an opportunity for a second visit to the Museum, possibly with their families. Alchemilla devises and realises a visit plan that centres on the children’s point of view. For the Museum, their contribution becomes as valuable a heritage as its art treasures.

The comments about the artworks, collected at school and during the visit, can also be used to effectively create an audioguide by children for children: a friendly, empathetic tool, created by their peers, to accompany them in their cultural experience. The audioguide will remain at the Museum as a shared heritage.

Finally, the Artoo team can evaluate and arrange with the Museum the creation of a dedicated room in the Artoo app, facilitating the prolonged collection of contributions by the children so that the works of art can have a “virtual” life outside the Museum and its specific location.