The Artoo project is based on a methodology and a set of physical and digital tools.
Workshops for schools combine theatre games and visual arts to support children in expressing themselves. Our workshops are divided into thematic educational modules.

artoo che sbuca

The educational content and tools for the digital activities in class are released on the ARTOO4EDUCATION digital platform. The platform allows the teachers to:

  • download all the teaching material;

  • receive support from an Alchemilla tutor for the entire duration of the workshop;
  • record the children’s voices and collect them in an area with restricted access;

Also, a work area connected to their teacher is made available for each class. It is designed as a play area, so that younger children can easily use it unassisted.

Some of the modules now on the platform are:
Art (with the support of the Artoo books)
Artoo and Kandinsky
Artoo and Klee

Active citizenship
Artoo and Nature’s Wonders
Artoo and Every Kind of Portrait
Artoo and Extraordinary Places

Education at the museum
Artoo at Museo Teatrale alla Scala

How is a workshop activity organised? The teachers log into the platform. They choose one of the modules, each containing the following activities:

  • Step 1 – Involvement: the children receive a letter from Artoo, who asks for their help in understanding one or a few paintings
  • Step 2 – The teacher shows the children a painting as a source of inspiration and a spur to discovery
  • Step 3 – The kids record their comments about the picture. They can listen to them again or erase them
  • Step 4 – In their turn, the children are encouraged to produce an artistic creation or a physical experience inspired by drama or music, of which they are the protagonists
  • Step 5 – When included in the workshop, the children visit the Museum containing the paintings they have seen
  • Step 6 – The audio recordings and artwork created by the children can be shared with their families, but also become an audioguide to the Museum, created by children for children