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Artoo is a rather unusual bear: he lives in the attic of a museum and he adores art.
When he doesn’t understand a painting, he asks kids for help.
He knows they have a special sixth sense for discovering the hidden meaning of things.

Discover the PROJECT

The art told by the children

Imagine a world in which the arts, imaginative thought and poetic feeling
are recognized as fundamental for happiness and for wellbeing, both individual and social, from 0 to 99 years of age.

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An app for tablets and smartphones to make friends with Artoo the bear and play with art in an unusual and fun way.


The Artoo workshops at schools and museums enable children to come into contact with artworks and become authors of content about art.


The Artoo educational programme, designed for teachers and museum and cultural operators, is centred on the child and their skills..

Editorial formats

The children’s stories are the starting point for illustrated books and TV and web series. An immersion in art and imagination guided by a friendly bear who’s good at listening to children.

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