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Artoo is a rather unusual bear: he lives in the attic of a museum and he adores art.
When he doesn’t understand a painting, he asks little kids for help.
He knows they have a special sixth sense for discovering the hidden meaning of things.

Discover the PROJECT

Artoo goes to Europe!

Our bear friend was selected for a European project (Ed.G.E) aimed at educating the new generations about gender equality, using an educational methodology based on the direct experience of art that valorises the gaze of children and their authorship. Ed.G.E is a European initiative funded by the EU Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020), which brings together partners from 5 different EU countries (Greece, Cyprus, Austria, United Kingdom, and Italy).


Ed.G.E. - Educating girls and boys for Gender Equality
Questo progetto è stato finanziato dal Programma UE
Diritti, uguaglianza e cittadinanza (2014-2020)

Questo progetto è stato finanziato dal Programma UE Diritti, uguaglianza e cittadinanza

Artoo is art explained by kids

The arts, imaginative thought and poetic feeling are essential for individual and social happiness and well-being, from 0 to 99 years of age.
That is why we have created a method and a series of tools which, through their encounter with the symbolic universe of art, enable even the smallest kids to describe the world as they see it.
Our mission is to offer children expressive tools that will allow them to make their voices heard and create opportunities for adults to listen to what they have to say.

The Platform

From the digital platform Artoo4education, teachers can download guidelines and relevant materials like Artoo videos & letters etc to realize workshops at school. These activities aim at supporting children self-expression and participation through role playing and visual arts.


Training designed for educators, teachers, and museum and cultural operators enables adults to acquire a specific methodology to help children become authors of cultural content.

Download the App

An application for tablets and smartphones that lets kids make friends with Artoo the bear and play with art in an unusual and fun way.

I Libri

The books

The illustrated books of the “Artoo & Margherita” series grew out of the comments and stories of kids, collected with the app.

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