Professionals from different fields working together to innovate educational processes with art and new technologies.

Artoo is the cultural innovation project of Alchemilla, a team of professionals from different areas (pedagogy, writing, digital communication, social and community theatre, illustration) committed to defining innovative creative and educational processes based on art and new technologies.

Alchemilla is a cooperative and an innovative start-up with a social vocation.

Where we come from

  • Twenty years of working in education and theatre as operators, designers, educators and researchers.
  • Twenty years of working in social and cultural cooperatives.
  • Twenty years of project management for complex projects aimed at schools and cultural institutions.
  • Twenty years of inventing and writing for comics, cinema and television.
  • Twenty years of digital communication projects in the service of companies, public administrations and the third sector.

How we do it

  • We believe in the community of practice model, in knowledge constructed together with the people we encounter.
  • We protect the content produced by participants: authenticity is a value for us.
  • We collaborate with high profile professionals.
  • We create partnerships and support our clients with fundraising for common projects.
  • We get our hands dirty working in the field with teachers, operators, parents and children.
  • We never stop doing research.

Who we are inspired by

  • Mario Lodi, Gianni Rodari, Bruno Munari and Loris Malaguzzi, truly great teachers who went to class to learn from the children.
  • The poetry of Chandra Livia Candiani.
  • MOMA and the MET because of their sensitivity to the new generations.
  • Timbuktu because of the courage and audacity that made them a success, starting with theatre.
  • StoryCorps because it gives voice, creates community and spreads culture.
  • By our mothers who recorded our voices when we were kids.

Our team

FrancescaProject leader
Educator and researcher at the Catholic University of Milan, expert in processes of participation through social and community theatre.
ElisaExternal Relations
Educationalist and educator. Vice President of Confcooperative Milan with responsibility for innovation, education and relations with schools and universities.
AlbertoEditorial content
Screenwriter for television (Mediaset, RAI) and comics (Sergio Bonelli Editore).
GianlucaMarketing and communication
Account and project manager at Hagam, he devises and coordinates advertising, web marketing and social media marketing projects.
MargheritaWorkshop Organiser
Organiser and leader of social theatre programmes related to the arts and new technologies.