The Artoo workshops at schools and museums enable kids to come into contact with artworks and become authors of content about art.

In the workshops, each child has a mission to carry out with their companions: to help Artoo understand the works that puzzle him.

Through a combination of physical play and the use of new technologies, children come into contact with the poetics of the artists and experiment with different artistic techniques, but above all develop their expressive, creative and imaginative skills.

Talking from their own point of view about the works of art that Artoo asks about, the children become true protagonists of an original and creative cultural process.

In the workshops, they collaborate to help Artoo the bear understand the artworks. In this way, they:

  • develop expressive, creative and imaginative skills;

  • come into contact with works of art and the poetics of the artists;
  • experiment with different artistic techniques;

  • produce cultural content.