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An app for tablets and smartphones that lets kids make friends with Artoo the bear, discover his world and play with art in an unusual and fun way.

Scarica l'app
Scarica l'app

Artoo the bear involves kids in a special mission: explaining to him and to adults the deep meaning of works of art.

Kids can use the app to record and listen to the thoughts and emotions a painting aroused in them.

Then they can listen to the ideas of other children and an explanation by Umberto, the director of the museum.

Parents, in turn, can share their children’s voices with the Artoo community, to create a great collective story of art as seen through the eyes of children.

Kids can also give free rein to their creativity by drawing directly in the app, free drawing or taking the graphic motifs of different painters as their starting point and thereby learning about the multiplicity of artistic styles in a fun way.

Artoo has created an application for tablets and smartphones that enables him to dialogue with kids.
Using the app, young children can:

  • learn about the artists;

  • explore their works up-close;

  • record their impressions about an artwork;

  • keep an audio archive of their ideas;

  • share their voices with the community;

  • listen to the voices of other children;

  • play with an artwork.